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Here are some of our public engagement activities, news and media coverage

Pint of Science Festival

Dr. Margherita Malanchini's talk for the

Pint of Science Festival 2021:

"Educational success: What matters beyond intelligence and why"

The Conversation 

Between 2020 and 2021, due to the covid-19 pandemic, millions of students have had to adjust to new ways of assessment. The UK government cancelled exams and performance was instead assessed based on frequent low-stakes testing, performance in the classroom and homework.


Read our article for The Conversation where we discuss what our research tells us about this way of measuring students' performance, the issues with high stakes exams and the current test-oriented culture.

Bold Big Ideas for Growing Minds 

Dr. Margherita Malanchini speaks to the Jacobs Foundation's Bold Blog about why curiosity, creativity, and self-confidence are more important for a child’s success in reading and math than commonly assumed. She also discusses recent findings about the role of genes in educational attainment and the implications of this research for future interventions.

Read the interviews at this link and this link 

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